Last Look Back Book Cover

On the eve of her college graduation, Octavia “Vie” Steele is thrust back into a world that she thought she left behind. To many, she appears to be a normal college senior with a future of possibilities ahead of her. In reality, she’s a spy, a top member of S.E. a spy organization that only few know about, or at least that’s who she used to be. Four years ago, a botched mission in Switzerland forced her to question her loyalties and the people she thought she could trust.

Now, hours before her graduation, Vie is forced to take a requalification exam to see if her spy skills are up to par. However, this is not a simple pencil and paper test and Octavia is everything but ready for it. With her past staring her in the face, Vie will need to make a choice. By the end of the night, she’ll need to decide who the real Vie is: the college student or the  super spy. Of course, that’s only if she has what it takes to survive one of the most dangerous nights of her life.


Official Launch Date is November 14. But you can buy the book on presale here.